November 30th, 2006

First post

Posted by jeremy2 in General Musings / Rants, News

I’m sure that some of you are thinking that I could have come up with a more imaginative name than that, and you are correct. I save my creative juices for my work :) . The main reason I put this blog up is I am developing a product that I wish to make a WordPress plugin for, and I have wanted to do a blog for some time. What am I developing? I am glad you asked. I am developing an affiliate links manager application for PHP. You can take a small glimpse at it at You will notice the links that can be browsed as well as the context sensitive links off to the left. It is still buried in development, but progress is being made slowly. It has an advanced JavaScript interface, and Internet Explorer 6 has really shown it’s scripting weakness in this project. Usually I am able to get around all of its stupid bugs, but it has finally stymied me. There are a couple of work arounds in the project, but they cause Explorer to run slower than usual. At least IE 7 runs it decently. I’ll post details on the bug in IE 6 in a while. I doubt it will ever get fixed, though, as it took Microsoft 6 years just to catch up to the other browsers - and why would M$ waste money on an older version? Anyways, you’ll read enough about my complaints about Internet Explorer soon enough with bugs and work-arounds. Now it’s back to work!