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Create new image:

(drag image)

Change selected image:

Resize: shift + click       Original size:ctrl + shift + click
Delete: ctrl + backspace

For some more in depth instructions, please see the paragraph below. Being able to drag and drop in web pages may be considered a toy by some, but it can also make using some control panels much easier. For instance, you can easily order a set of items dragging with your mouse instead of clicking buttons thousands of times. You can let visitors to your site design a brochure or business card by uploading images and text - and allowing them to posiition them wherever they want. When they are finished, they can upload the document where it can be utlized for printing services via PDF. Adding drag and drop can make many things much easier.

Drag the top image off to the left in order to create a new image that you can manipulate. You can drag the images just as you would icons on your desktop. Hold the shift key and then select an image in order to resize the image. To restore the original dimensions of the image, press ctrl+shift click. To delete images, select the image and then press ctrl + backspace.

Check out the speed report for page size! (It might take a minute to run the report - this is on another website).

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