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Upload Multiple Files at Once:

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Why this script is better than most other AJAX upload scripts:

Currently, only support for PHP is available.

Select a file in the boxes above, and watch the status bar as the file uploads. Maximum file size for this demo is around 500KB. The only maximum size is limited only by connection and maximum script running length. The upload fields above employ AJAX to give a real time update of the progress of files as they are uploading.

With traditional methods of file uploading, your visitors have to stare at the form they just submitted - or a blank page, while the data uploads.

With this AJAX script, your visitors do not have to wonder if the page is working or not. They will know as the progress bars update themselves as the file uploads. There can potentially be an unlimited number of uploads - the only real limit is the visitor's upload speed.

Plus, this script checks the types of files being uploaded so that users cannot upload files that would potentially harm your server.

Check out the speed report for page size! (It might take a minute to run the report - this is on another website). This site uses GZip compression, which further reduces text file sizes than what they already are.

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