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Super Backpack Store

Designed the graphics and implemented the design in their Miva store.


Redid the site in CSS so that the pages could be easily printed out. Designed and implemented the checkout process for their product, The Shield. Also made minor design changes.

Drag and Drop Web Pages - Demo
See demo

Drag images around, resize images, and change images - only using JavaScript. This type of functionality is useful for advanced dynamic web applications.

Alliance Consumer Products

Site redesign and information insertion.

Custom Logos - Demo
See demo

Is your logo lacking? Check out our custom made logos!

Web Host Comparison

Compare different hosting accounts based on customized search results. Find the host you are looking for. Designed the front end and back end complete with affilate program management.

TuneSmith Central

Designed the graphics and layout. Integrated site content with PayPal and dynamic downloads with PayLoadz. Visitors can listen to songs, browse sheet music, and purchase sound banks. Also set up the phpBB forum.

Excelerate Auctions
See demo

Designed the control panel that allows for the site's owners to create auctions that are automatically displayed on the main site. The control panel makes use of Dynamic HTML, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL. You can reorder several parts of the page by dragging the boxes up and down. To add additional items that cen be sorted, simply click the text that says "Add More" underneath the box (i.e., the documents section). You can also see the progress of uploading files in real time and also work on other parts of the auction while the file is uploading.

File Upload Demo
See demo

Dynamically give your visitors status of their uploading files. Also includes a filter so that people cannot load files that will potentially be harmful - such as executable files. Really small size - total page is less than 5.5k!

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